VIP Coaching (Monthly)

If you’re a go-getter, then Kim’s VIP Coaching may be for you. This monthly experience is designed and personalized to hold you accountable and keep you in momentum, while taking smart action towards the business and life you’re creating.

Along with biweekly strategy sessions, you’ll experience VIP support with Kim in your back pocket for voice message coaching, you’ll have a collaborative workspace via email, and you’ll even get Monday morning check ins with Friday follow ups. (There’s nothing quite as powerful as accountability to light a fire under your ass to get sh*t done).

Whether it’s strategic goal setting or slaying your inner saboteur, having Kim on your team will make for powerful growth in your mindset and business.

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Mentorship Program (Monthly)

"HOT SEAT" LIVE Coaching group call each month. This is your chance to work out your own stuff, break down those barriers, and continue building your community of support.

If you're ready to be held accountable in your business, to move through things like imposter syndrome, fear (we all have it at times), feelings of being overwhelmed and isolated, and your money story... this program is for YOU. This will also give you a taste of what its like to work with a business coach on your unique needs.

Group coaching calls will take place on the last Monday of each month.

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Discover Your E.D.G.E.

This Self-Paced Mindset Program is designed to help you connect to the business and being you truly desire, while slowing down long enough for you to receive the clarity you desire, so you can truly create what you desire for your business…for yourself.

It’s about doing the emotional work that most entrepreneurs neglect. It’s the real work that’s actually going to help you become the person who can have (and keep) the business and fulfillment you truly want.

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Discover Your Legacy

This high level experience is by invitation only.