This single 90-minute session is your chance to work out your own stuff, break down those barriers, and get some much-needed insight and support.

If you're ready to be held accountable in your business, to move through things like imposter syndrome, fear (we all have it at times), and those feelings of being overwhelmed and isolated... this session is for YOU.



Discover Your E.D.G.E.

This Self-Paced Mindset Program is designed to help you connect to the business and being you truly desire, while slowing down long enough for you to receive the clarity you desire, so you can truly create what you desire for your business…for yourself.

It’s about doing the emotional work that most entrepreneurs neglect. It’s the real work that’s actually going to help you become the person who can have (and keep) the business and fulfillment you truly want.



The E.D.G.E. Coaching Method

Are you feeling the calling to become a business coach… but you're not entirely sure what that means?

Within this program you will learn the foundations needed to facilitate change and support clients on their own journeys of success, while being supported in your own business and practice of coaching.

Once you master this, your client roster will be full - you can finally make the IMPACT, have the INFLUENCE, and receive the INCOME you've been dreaming of!


The Coaches Community of Practice

Are you a business coach with active clients looking to professionally develop and build your coaching skills in an ongoing, supportive environment?

If so, then this formal subscription arrangement might just be what you've been looking for! This is a place for coaches to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in both coaching and mentoring.

The task is to work together to ensure the development and efficacy of the coach/client relationship, while supporting the coach in debriefing any triggers/densities/emotions that may be coming up for them in their own work.