STAND OUT in the Coaching Industry


You’ve felt the calling to step into the coaching industry, or expand your current practice. 

You have the desire, maybe even the qualifications, but you still can't seem to make the LEAP...

AND this is keeping YOU from making an impact, expanding your influence and creating a LIFESTYLE you LOVE.  


Learn the foundational pillars that facilitate DEEP LASTING CHANGE and  TRANSFORMATION for your clients. 


Gain the confidence YOU ARE LOOKING FOR to step BOLDY knowing that you BELONG in any room you are invited into.


Create a sustainable lifestyle by building a business that is as UNIQUE as you are. 

Explore. Disrupt. Grit. Execute.

You might be asking, "what is The E.D.G.E. Coaching Method"? This method is really about digging deeper. It's about getting to a person's core - really identifying WHO they are, WHY they are, and WHAT makes them "tick". We do this through four pillars of change:

  1. EXPLORE: get the to root of the issues in order to assess and establish goals
  2. DISRUPT: setting free all the old beliefs, identities, values, and behaviors
  3. GRIT: holding space while your client integrates the changes
  4. EXECUTE: new behaviour and goals achieved

 The E.D.G.E. Coaching Method DOES NOT create cookie cutter coaches. 

You will not be handed “formulas” to success and left to implement on your own. Instead, inside this coaching container, you will recieve personalized HANDS ON support while  you DISCOVER YOUR E.D.G.E. in the coaching industry! 

What The E.D.G.E. Method Has to Offer

  • Foundational training to facilitate change and success for your clients 
  • Breakthrough sessions for YOU as a coach to experience your own transformation
  • Discovering your own unique E.D.G.E. in the industry to STAND OUT
  • A three day virtual immersion experience (with guest experts)
  • Half a day workshop on building your coaching business (the basics of biz, client journey, sales, and content creation)
  • 6 Weeks ongoing support - weekly LIVE meetings (no pre recorded content)
  • Additional three month membership inside the Coaches Community of Practice
  • A manual with reproducible templates for you to incorporate into your practice
  • an additional SURPRISE (🤪🥳).


Sounds priceless, right????  


How much better can it get????


Spaces are limited.

For reals, there are only 12  spots available as this is a hands-on, intimate program that is focused on the uniqueness of each individual. Like we've said before, we do not create cookie cutter coaches inside of the E.D.G.E.



Are you ready to meet the pair of women who are going to help you transform your practice and change lives?

Meet Master Coach, Kimberley Hiebert

No stranger to adversity, Kimberley was a street kid, who was in foster care by the time she was thirteen. Separated from her family, rejected by peers and her culture, she set out into the world on her own.

Kimberley has always known she was meant for more, everyone is… the key is BELIEVING IT and then learning how to make it happen. 

A lover of all things personal growth and development, she learned how to hold that BELIEF in herself, which has led her to achieving all types of success! From building successful sales teams, overcoming cancer, building a successful career in social work, to competing in an Ironman, retiring wealthy and MORE… 

After a battle with cancer, she knew she had to start helping others who were like her… others who knew they were meant for more, but were unsure how to make it happen. 

The E.D.G.E. formula is the system Kimberley created out of her own transformational stories that she now shares with others.

She is a trained Social Worker, Certified in Subconscious Imprinting, Life and Success Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and T.I.M.E. Techniques.

Meet Master Coach, Mel Chatigny

If there was only one word to describe this woman, it would be: POWERHOUSE!

At first glance, it is easy to see that she is physically strong, but that’s nothing compared to her mental fortitude! This woman knows how to MASTER YOUR BEHAVIOUR and CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. 

For years, as a professional level athlete and personal trainer, she watched and experienced many athletes (herself included) fall short of their goals. They would suddenly get sick or injured... or some other crisis would occur. She began to get curious... and do you know what she noticed was missing? 

Emotional intelligence. BOOM. And so began her journey of connecting the MIND, BODY, and SOUL to reach peak performance. 

Mel is both a performance and life coach, who uses a variety of techniques to help her clients move from stuck to success. She is trained in Subconscious Imprinting Technique, and a Crossfit Level 1  & 2 Coach.

Hey... Don't Just Take Our Word For it!

In case you're still on the edge (did you catch that pun?), read what others have to say about our approach to coaching:

"Most generous, kind, hilarious human, unfiltered, raw and super bougie. She’s like a beautiful anomaly and to have her has as a coach… well the conversation we just had was a $50,000 conversation (as in it saved me $50,000). Hands down, without a doubt, feeling really fucken grateful right now!"

Shoutout to Coach Kimberley

"In just two SIT sessions, Melissa helped me better understand how physical ailments we may be having are often tied to historical emotional blockages that could stem all the way to childhood trauma. She has opened my eyes to an alternative, yet grounded approach to performance that I had not previously considered!"

Shoutout to Coach Mel

"The past 21 days have felt like one of the most concentrated periods of transformation and re-creation I've had in several years! Her guidance as a coach meant so much to me! Not only because I got what I really needed from our sessions, but because I was able to develop an increased level of trust in HER as a person as well as in her expertise.
I was completely gassed leaving the gym, but by day 20 or 21, I had worked really hard and knew it, but I didn't feel completely wiped out!"

Shoutout to Coach Mel

A personal note from us to you...

We value integrity above all else. Our coaching program is built on this foundation. We acknowledge this is not a coaching certification, it is a foundational process for facilitating change in others while creating STAND OUT coaches! 

We believe in being upfront and honest. We will not put you through marketing manipulation, crafty copy, sleazy sales or crazy funnels. If we have something to say or something to offer that we feel would be a good fit for you and your development, we will simply share it with you. 

We will always show up sincerely, with our no bullshit, up front, optimistic attitudes, sharing our honest thoughts to support you the way YOU need. 

Our motto: SIMPLE and ORGANIC

We look forward to working with you and helping you discover ALL that you have to offer within your E.D.G.E.!

~ Kim & Mel

Let's Recap!

The E.D.G.E. Coaching Method consists of...

  • Three (3) days of immersive online training sessions
  • Six (6) weeks of LIVE virtual training to make you the best coach you can be
  • Three (3) months additional support inside of the Coaches Community of Practice 
  • A manual that is filled with reproducible templates, ideas, resources, and supports to help you on your way to mastering your craft 
  • The E.D.G.E. Roadmap for Success (a template to guide the Client Journey)


As well as, YOU as a coach will start to experience your own shift... your sense of purpose, clarity, and confidence will deepen as you intentionally step into this calling. 

YOU will be personally supported to  DISCOVER YOUR E.D.G.E. as a coach. Supporting you in identifying your own unique MAGIC that will have you STANDING OUT in the coaching industry. 


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