What Is a Coach?

coaching coaching business coaching practice Jan 12, 2022
A man and woman, both dressed in business attire, high five while sitting at a shared desk space with a laptop open in between them.

One thing I see a lot in my line of work is the confusion between a coaching practice and a coaching business. People often use these terms interchangeably, but I'm here to tell you that they are NOT the same thing!


But what are they? To understand that, we need to know what a coach is. 

What is a Coach?

A coach helps other people find their strengths, work on their weaknesses, develop their skills, and transform their lives into something special. 


A coach can help with anything from business development to interpersonal relationships, and they use a combination of personal experience and training to give their clients results. 


However, that doesn't mean they have a business. 

Coaching Practice

A coaching practice is what takes place between the coach and the client. It's actively working towards a goal, offering support, and using knowledge and expertise to help the client achieve their dreams. 

Coaching Business

On the other hand, the coaching business is the vehicle that drives the practice. It's all the marketing, onboarding, client relations, services offered, website-building - anything that makes a business run. 


Unfortunately, all that knowledge and training may make a good coach, but it doesn't always make a good businessperson, and making a business of a practice can be complicated. 

Which One do I Grow?

One thing you can do is figure out which side you want to expand. Do you need to take the business class, or do you need to take a coaching class?


 Are you trying to gain new clients? Or, do you want to give your current clients a more meaningful interaction? 


Are you trying to increase your coaching skills, or do you need better marketing? 


These options may feel similar, and they are, but picking one over the other will determine if it's your practice growing- or your business. 


I recommend setting clear goals for both. That way, you can make sure your practice is growing with your business, and your business isn't getting in the way of your practice. 


Now you know that a coaching practice is different from a coaching business, but the two can go hand-in-hand to give you the career (and life) that you've always wanted! 


What's stopping you?