All the Cool Kids are Doing It

coaching coaching business coaching practice Mar 15, 2022
A closeup photo of an individual's midsection, exposed by a white, long-sleeve cropped top and high-waisted blue jeans. The person stands against a white textured wall.

All the cool kids are doing it…

Wearing crop tops and high waisted jeans…

And becoming online coaches… or so it seems.

The online coaching space is predicted to see $20billion in revenue in 2022… that’s a lot of $$$!

And while it may seem like the “trendy” or "cool" thing to do, let me remind you that trends are built from foundations. HELPING PEOPLE IS NOT A NEW CONCEPT. It’s the HOW that changes over time.

This online coaching “trend” has opened up accessibility to the world in ways we couldn’t conceive before… It means that there are people in this world that WANT TO HELP OTHERS in a meaningful impactful way, and there are those that are WANTING HELP… and that my friends gives me HOPE.

Now, are all coaches created equally?? …sadly, NOPE. That is a universal truth, though, in all human kind. There will be those that are “in it” for the money, and that isn’t new either. There are always those that want to take advantage of people (unfortunately another universal truth).

BUT... let’s not allow that to take away the HOPE and EXCITEMENT for a future with wide open possibilities for impact, influence, and income!

Just like crop tops and high waisted jeans, trends might not be for everyone... but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for ANYONE.

So, if you feel the calling to help others, but feel reluctant or resistant to label yourself as a coach because “it’s trendy”, feel free to be your first client, and EXPLORE WHY you are holding that resistance. If you need help with it, you know where to find me!

I would love to hear your thoughts, please respond if feel called to do so!

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