3 Factors to Wealth, Success, & Abundance: Part 3

abundance ambition growth healing manifesting personal development serving success wealth Jun 06, 2022
Two people climb a steep hill, silhouetted by a setting sun in the background. One person reaches for the other's hand to help them up the incline.

If you’ve already read Part 1 and Part 2 of the “3 Factors to Wealth”, then you’ll know that the first factor I discussed was: personal growth and development. The second factor was: healing. If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous installments yet, I recommend doing that before you continue here.

The last of the three factors is: serving. Serving is the other area where there is so much growth and gratitude. Again, these factors are from my perspectives and my experiences of serving people and sharing the tools, skills, and learnings. This is the one thing I've been super passionate about my whole entire life: sharing the learnings that I've had.

Serving others has a whole way of lifting yourself up, but also contributing and paying it forward in a way that's got a ripple effect. You have no idea the impact you make in somebody's life by serving. For example, I was watching a Dr. Phil episode a while ago, there was a woman on the show that was once a very active dancer. She was active in the dance community, she had a very active, full, and thriving life. However, through a variety of circumstances, she was no longer in that position and had actually become quite paralyzed, if you will, and was unable to do anything to serve herself or help herself. It reached the point where she couldn't feed herself. It was this extreme. And he had said something along these lines: “When you start serving others, especially those who haven’t experienced what you have, you will instantly start forgetting your own pain.”

Now, I'm not saying that this is what you do to hide or cover or sidestep your pain or trauma. No. This is what I'm saying: there is power when we help others. As a mentor, and someone who often works with coaches, this is very common. You use your own pain and your own experience to help others. THIS is what I'm talking about. You want to help others because you feel called, because it's made such an impact in your life. Whatever transition has happened and whatever transformation has taken place, that shift from personal development, growth, and healing is where you end up really feeling called to help others. As you do that, it brings you a new sense of energy and excitement; it brings you success and wealth. And when you're living in those energetic states, that's when abundance, wealth, and opportunities come. It is in this state when you start seeing the world in a different way. And that is powerful! 

So that's it! The breaking down of those three factors of really creating success, wealth, and opportunities. I know that wealth and success all come from opportunities and opportunities come from our perspective. It’s not just a matter of being in the right spot at the right time. We can all be in the right spot at the right time, wherever we are in our journey, to create wealth and success in abundance, in whatever container we find ourselves in.