3 Factors to Wealth, Success, & Abundance: Part 2

abundance ambition growth healing manifesting personal development serving success wealth May 24, 2022
A person sits on a hilltop, overlooking a large body of water, while the sun sets beyond the horizon in the distance. The individual sits in a comfortable meditative ohm position with her hands resting on her knees. She is silhouetted by the setting sun.

If you’ve already read Part 1 of the “3 Factors to Wealth, Success, & Abundance”then you’ll know that the first factor I discussed was: personal growth and development. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I recommend doing that before you continue here. On a side note, the three factors I share are not a “systematic order” or “linear formula for growth”, these are just FACTORS that have played the biggest role in shaping me, expanding me, and growing me. 

The second factor in success is healing, healing, healing, healing... and more HEALING! This is a gigantic topic, and there are many forms of healing, therapeutic modalities, and processes that contribute. For the purpose of this blog, I will share from my own lived experiences. The thing about healing is that one must first recognize there is a wound. Therein lies the hardest part for me: recognizing I had wounds. Another word for this is TRAUMA. [Insert eye roll here.] Yes, trauma… and for the record, trauma is not all blood and guts and gore. Trauma is your nervous system response to something… could be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. 

To acknowledge I had wounds, I must then admit that I can be hurt, and the fun thing about the subconscious mind is that it wants to protect. Remember, its main purpose is to SURVIVE. So healing for me comes in waves… or levels, if you will. When my subconscious mind feels safe, the healing is revealed… but in protective pieces.

My healing started at the surface level, by becoming aware (personal growth & development was a crucial step in this process), but sometimes I would come up against things that still created blocks and barriers. Such as: my mother. I would talk about how I forgave her for making some pretty tragic choices that had harmed me as a child, but then I would find myself still being disappointed, judging her and determining I was going to be NOTHING like her. So while I said I forgave her, my actions for my life were actually based on BEING NOTHING LIKE HER. I would judge myself by the measure of who she was (in my opinions). 

This is one example of how healing started for me, in parts and pieces that I could manage, and in ways that I could FEEL the change/shift/release and then be able to reap the success of it. In this case, I conducted a forgiveness ceremony with my mother, truly releasing myself from harboring those resentful thoughts and allowing myself to truly embrace WHO my mother is as an entire being. Now, some 30 years later, I am her caregiver and we enjoy a very bonded and special relationship. SUCCESS! 

My healing journey has given me the perspective to see that the person I had become was a result of trauma response. The deeper I healed from that, the greater my feelings of success, wholeness, and gratitude became. I embody them in a way that honours me, and no longer destroys me. 

Understanding this and being able to see it in this light has given me such a huge gift.

Healing has been a significant factor. Combining it with personal growth and development allows you to start peeling away all that conditioning. You see, I was such a "go, go, go" person because I needed to always know that I could get away if ever I needed to (from severe trauma events etched in my subconscious). That was the message that was playing deep, deep, deep in the background: I have to be ready to go. I have to be way ahead of the boogieman, right?

So when cancer forced me to slow down and to seek that deep, deep, deep healing... I could then integrate and actually release those parts of me that weren't serving me. They were distracting me, even though I didn't realize it, from what is ultimately my higher purpose and being in a space where everything within me can calm down enough that I could receive other blessings and opportunities.

I encourage you to ask yourself: “What wounds am I carrying that are creating my reality?” And see what answers you come up with. I am only a message away if you have any thoughts, require support or need someone to talk to.