3 Factors to Wealth, Success, & Abundance: Part 1

abundance ambition growth healing manifesting personal development serving success wealth May 11, 2022
Small plant seedlings reach through the rich black soil while the sun sets in the distance behind them.

I was born into chaos and a family generation of poverty, addictions, and mental health struggles. I had a severe childhood abuse event that had me removed from my family's home. I never went back there. And I started life on my own at 18.

Over the course of the years, people have quite often asked me: “How did I get to be so successful considering my start in life?” My success in life covers all areas… business, wealth, relationships, health, living life to the fullest NOW. And my response is personal development and growth, healing, and serving. 

In this blog, (part 1) I am going to share about the importance and impact of personal development and growth. 

I know that this isn’t a groundbreaking newsflash. However, the thing I think people tend to minimize is their ENLIGHTENMENT in this process. This happens as you give yourself permission and the opportunity to grow and develop. 

Personal growth and development, to me, is the number one thing that will start breaking down the boundaries of a rigid mindset and limiting thoughts or behaviours that you might have (or not even know you hold). It’s the beginning of awareness.

When we're in a closed mindset space, we can't see outside of ourselves. The only way to actually change that closed mindset/thinking is by changing your particular perspective of the world, or even how you view yourself, and how you integrate things. 

As we start to break down our own internal model of the world, we start to see things differently. We then start to see opportunities differently. I cannot tell you how many times I have found myself in experiences that blow me away. And the reason why I've been able to pursue something grand and actually have it come to fruition is because I've been open enough to challenge my own mindset. To challenge my own reality. If you can challenge yourself to think that there might be another reality, perspective or understanding then you are on the road to possibilities that will blow your mind… and your life! I am not talking about fake optimism here… I am talking about truly expanding your own mindset to perceive differently, as then you will think differently and thus act accordingly. 

That's been my philosophy. I can't even stress enough the importance of personal growth and development. But, you can't rush it. It’s a process. Personal growth and development are unique and will take you down all kinds of roads and different journeys. 

One thing I love about working with business owners/entrepreneurs, is that their business is most times an extended expression of themselves, and will often be the catalyst for their own soul growth and healing! 

Imagine, if my 18 year old mindset was running the show, I wouldn’t ever have taken a chance at post secondary schooling if I hadn’t been willing to learn something new! Never mind starting new businesses, participating in an Ironman, or even tackling cancer!  Personal development and growth are the start of the awareness that you don’t know it all, that maybe there is a different more expansive opportunities and experiences waiting for you. What comes after awareness, is doing something about it… HEALING.

Stay tuned for Part 2.