The key to wealth & expansion is in DISCOVERING YOUR E.D.G.E.

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Expose the limitations holding you back from creating a business you love.

Let's face it, the coaching industry is vast and sometimes it can feel overwhelming to find your space. Whether you are new and struggling to "put yourself out there" or you are a seasoned coach looking to expand your coaching skills... YOUR GROWTH as a coach is the KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS!

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Discover Your E.D.G.E.

This Mindset Self Study is designed to connect to and create the business you desire.

The E.D.G.E. Coaching Method

This in-depth program will help you develop a coaching method that will connect you with your soulmate clients!

The Coaches Corner of Practice

This monthly community of like-minded coaches will help develop your professional skills, while also identifying any areas that may be holding you back in your business.

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"If you want results and are ready to take action, work with Kim. She knows what she is talking about because she has walked the walk in the real world, with proof of results in her own accomplishments. Kim has helped me completely change my mind set about my work and finances, by digging into the real reasons I was stuck. She doesn’t just give you the guidelines and throw statements at you about changing your mindset, she takes you on a personal journey of discovering why you are where you are and then works with you to create a step-by-step plan on how to get the results you want."

I’m here to help you release your inner limitations to create the vision you desire. 

Kimberley Valerie, is a high-performance Wealth & Leadership Mentor, who has built several multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up. She’s broken free of limitations to create a life of financial security, personal freedom, and spiritual wellness, and is here to help you do the same.

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The Accidental Millionare Podcast

In this podcast, join Kimberley (and her guests) as she shares her true rags-to-riches story and takes you on a journey of how personal development & growth, healing, and serving became the pillars of finding abundance and success in all areas of life.

Diving into the subconscious and all things “woo woo”, along with some strategy and action tips, this podcast will not only educate you, it will inspire you to DO THE DAMN WORK of becoming the most successful version of yourself. That is the true definition of wealth!

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